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The Jet Set

Estée Lauder spokesmodel Liu Wen reveals her
best globetrotting tips and techniques.

Being on the road a majority of the time means Liu Wen has mastered the art of travel. “[It’s] probably the most essential part of my job,” she says. “As a model, I’m constantly being sent to different countries to work in new environments, collaborating with new people and learning about new cultures. Getting to those places is the first of many steps—but it’s the most important!”

With vacation season upon us, Liu Wen shares her top globetrotting techniques so we can plan ahead and jet-set in style.

Pre-trip prep…

Always have a large piece of luggage handy but don’t fill it up to the brim—only carry what you need. Leave room for the things you’ll be buying at your destination!

On every packing list…

  1. My own pajamas and slippers, because even while traveling in a faraway place, using your own things in a hotel room can make any spot feel more like home.
  2. My skincare essentials and face masks, because you still need to take care of your skin no matter where you are.
  3. A book is the best company before a good night’s sleep!
  4. A travel-sized candle, because having a familiar scent of home will make you forget how unfamiliar any place is.
  5. A notebook, because even if we’re in the digital age, I’m still used to writing things down.

Travel day essentials…

I always wear comfortable sneakers for easy movement during long periods of travel. As for my wardrobe, I never forget to bring a scarf for chilly winds in cold weather or a hat to protect me from the sun.

Pack your motivation, because you shouldn’t be lazy about your beauty routine just because you’re on vacation.

In-flight fun…

On a long flight, I read my book, eat some snacks, watch in-flight movies or apply a face mask!

On-the-road beauty routine…

Pack your motivation, because you shouldn’t be lazy about your beauty routine just because you’re on vacation.

Cleansing and protection are the most important steps when taking care of your skin, so I never forget to pack my Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm, because it’s quite easy to carry in my luggage, and my Crescent White BB Creme SPF 50 to help protect my skin from future damage.

I always bring a few face masks because they’re perfect if you need a relaxing break in the day. These days, I apply the Advanced Night Repair PowerFoil Mask, since I can also take fun selfies with it!

Vacation goals…

I actually try to go somewhere without expecting anything—I love wonderful and unexpected surprises! So in a way, every place that I’ve traveled to has exceeded my expectations.

I spent my last vacation in Bali with a group of friends, and we had an early Chinese New Year celebration there. We wrote spring festival couplets (poetry) and hung lanterns…it was great fun with great people!

All-time favorite destination…

My favorite place in the world must be Shangri-La City, in the northwest corner of China’s Yunnan province. I really love the architecture of the ancient buildings there, as well as the vast areas of land that extend all the way to the beautiful horizon.

Best souvenirs…

I collect fridge magnets from every country and city that I go to so I never forget to pick one up!

Next stop…

Iceland! I’ve always wanted to enjoy the half-ice-and-half-hot spring experience.

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