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Shape + Fill Expert Serum

See the transformation


Look in the mirror…

You’ll love what you see.

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See The Transformation Products

See the

In just 2 weeks,
you’ll see more defined-
looking contours.

Cheeks and jawline
are visibly more lifted.

  • Proven Results:

  • +

    Radiant Instantly, skin is softer,
    smoother, more radiant.

  • +

    Refined In just 3 days, 85% said
    their skin felt plumped
    and refined.*
    *Consumer testing on 308 women

  • +

    Defined In just 2 weeks, 84% saw
    more defined looking
    facial contours.*
    *Consumer testing on 308 women

  • +

    Transformed At 4 weeks, 87% saw
    a positive transformation
    in the look of their skin.*
    *Consumer testing on 308 women

How It Works

Breakthrough technologies help improve both visible
volume + structure—helping transform the look of your skin.

Volume + Structure

New Shaping Technology helps
restore natural-looking fullness and
volume by supporting skin’s 3 natural
skin plumpers—Hyaluronic Acid,
fillagrin and lipids.

New pro-collagen complex and skin
strengtheners help skin’s natural
structure by helping promote 3
natural support proteins—collagen,
elastin and fibronectin.

Plus texture:
Powerful skin refinishers help reveal softer, smoother skin.

New Dimension Background Products
New Dimension Products

New Dimension

Transformative Collection


Smooth. Highlight.
Countour. This eye
kit has everything
you need to add
visible dimension
around your eyes.


liquid tape helps
give a tighter
feel to key facial
an instant


In just 2 weeks,
you’ll see more
contours. Cheeks
and jawline are
visibly more lifted.


The blendable
cremes in this face
kit instantly
highlight, define
and visibly sculpt
your look.