• Stop the Breakouts

    Now, reveal clearer, smoother, fresher skin.

    Target, treat and reduce the look of blemishes
    with the proven power of Salicylic Acid.

    Help prevent the severity and frequency of future
    breakouts with continued use.

  • Free Skin of Flakiness

    Normalize skin’s natural cellular turnover.

    Whisk away dead and dulling skin cells.

    Help prevent pores from plugging up with debris.

    All, thanks to a high concentration of Glucosamine—
    a natural and proven sugar-derived skin refiner.

  • Control Excess Oil

    Control excess oil with a potent marine extract.

    Leaves skin with a fresh, natural finish.

    Helps clear clogged pores so they seem significantly smaller.

Clear Difference

Be Confident

New. Clear difference

Anti-blemish breakthroughs
from the serum experts

The Difference
Is Clear

Finally, a grown-up solution to blemishes.

Take Control

Our exclusive triple action clarity
technology includes salicylic acid,
potent anti-irritants and skin
purifying ingredients.

Clear Difference

The closer you get, the less you see

  • Refreshing.
    Lightly hydrating.
    Non-irritating. Non-drying.
    Oil-free. Oil-controlling.
    Suitable for all ethnicities.

  • 86% of women said their
    skin looked clearer and
    healthier in just 1 week.*


Fast-Acting Serum

This anti-blemish, skin-refinishing serum is
the key to the clear difference system.
Regain and maintain your most flawless,
poreless-looking skin.

Incredibly clear, fresh, clean, smooth.

  • Oil-free. Oil-controlling.
    Suitable for all ethnicities.

  • In just 1 day, a significant
    22% reduction in active
    blemishes—and the
    results get better every day.*


On-the-Spot Action

Targeted blemish treatment

Pure. Precise. Potent.
Penetrates fast to heal
and rapidly reduce the size
of blemishes.

$35.00 - 0.14oz

  • Lightweight BB creme.
    Broad Spectrum SPF 35.
    Won't clog pores.
    Oil-free. Oil-controlling.

  • 3 sheer shades flatter a
    wide range of skintones—
    Light, Medium and
    Medium Deep.


Perfection BB

With SPF 35. Instantly neutralizes
redness. Helps conceal blemish marks,
pores and flaws with a specially
formulated tint.

Hydrates, protects, perfects
and soothes.

Controls oil and leaves skin looking
soft, clear and naturally beautiful.


Let’s Be
Perfectly Clear

Expert tips to keep skin shine-free,
blemish-free and refreshed.

    • Use a mild cleanser twice a day. Skip harsh scrubs,
      which can cause irritation.
    • Avoid oil-based haircare products.
      They can drip onto skin and clog pores.
    • Never go to bed with makeup on—thoroughly remove
      it every night.
    • Change your pillowcase every few days to prevent
      days old dirt and oil from seeping back into skin.
    • Never squeeze or pick at a blemish. It can spread
      bacteria and lead to scarring.
    • Wipe down your cell phone screen every day
      to get rid of dirt and oil which clog pores.


A conversation with Dr. Nadine Pernodet

Executive Director of Skin Biology, Global Research & Development
The Estée Lauder Companies